St. Michael Church - Greenville, PA


 Ministries in our Parish
If you would like to volunteer please call the listed parishioner





     Adult Lectors
          St. Michael                          Mary Ann Marshall             724-588-1905
           St. Margaret                        John Ceremuga                 724-927-2572
     Student Lectors (7th grade and up)
                                                        Elaine Shearer              724-588-2531
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

St. Michael:                            Martin Aubel                     724-588-8869
St. Margaret:                          Chris Kneeland                  724-932-3485

Altar Servers
     St. Michael:                             Frank Luciani                    724-588-1245 
     St. Margaret:                           Chris Kneeland                 724-932-3485

     St. Michael: Choir & Cantors        Lisa Demarest               724-588-6056
     St. Michael: Resurrection Choir   Ann Liszka                      724-588-9144
     St. Michael Accompanists             Sharen Seiple                724-588-3852
     St. Margaret Choir                        Sandy Caswell               724-588-9399 
     St. Michael Independent Cantors (7th Grade & Up)  Sharen Seiple   724-588-3852
     St. Michael:  Youth Ensemble (5th Grade & Up)        Sharen Seiple  724-588-3852

     St. Michael:                           Sharen Seiple                   724-588-3852
     St. Margaret:                         Jan Baznik                        724-932-5316

Evangelization     Recruitment/Cursillo movement
                                                    Jerry & JoAnn Chizmar   724-588-
Good Shepherd Center    Volunteers help run this ministry providing food and clothing to those in need.
     St. Michael:                            Mary Ann Peace or Marj Stubert 724 588 2210 
Michael's Mantle  Pastoral Care/Concern 
     Visitation                                               Cathy Lewis             724-588-3912
      Ministry to the Military:                          Ginny Richardson       724-588-4718  
     Ministers at Mass:                                         Marty Aubel         724-866-7432
     Eucharistic Ministers to Greenville Hospital    Carol Langiotti        724-866-7259
      Eucharistic Ministers to St. Paul's Home         Annette Strosser    724-588-6436   
     Jamestown Food Pantry                              John & Luanne Miller 724-927-9148
     Cookie Ministry  Special Church Functions
          St Michael:       Teresa &     Dorthea Resek                724-475-3441
          St. Margaret

    Grieving Ministry     Joanne DiSalvo  724-588-8282

   Funeral Dinner Ministry:
          St. Michael   Linda McElhinny    724-588-4799
           St. Margaret:Gaynell Ashley      724-932-3313

      Prayer Shawl Ministry
                   Betty Stubert        724-588-5607

    Home Services Ministry  Help with small household chores or minor repairs for ederly and shut-ins. 
          St. Michael   Marty Aubel  724 866 7432 & Marc Jones 724 699 9751 
      Prayer Support / Prayer Vine:  
          St. Michael's                          Helen McGinty     724-646-1354
          St. Margaret's                        Jan Baznick         724-932-5316
      Young at Heart:                      Gerry Genovesi           724-588-4856 

     Newcomers/Welcome Committee:      
                               St. Michael   Annette Strosser   724-588-6436
                                                      Joyce Coats        724 588 9626
                                    St. Margaret  Bernie Link           724-932-3416

     CYAM -  Campus & Young Adult Ministry       Sharen Seiple             724-588-3852

Prayer Group Praying for Priest & Religious:     
  To be determined