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The 40 Club dinner scheduled for May 24, 2020 has been cancelled. The winners will be drawn at 1PM on Sunday, May 24th in the large meeting room of the church.  Due to COVID 19 restrictions, a group of the sellers will be present for the drawing only. The winners will receive their checks by mail. The list of the winners will be posted on the parish website and in the parish bulletin which is available in either printed form and online every week on the parish website and “myParish" app.  We will be selling 40 Club tickets again this year, even though a daunting task due to the current social restrictions. Your support for this fundraiser for our school is encouraged.

Please contact any seller listed below to purchase your tickets:
Walter Beh @ 724 588-3108;
Rich Giardina @ 724-588-5803;
Natalie Higbee @ 724 699-9021;
Mark Holian @ 724-932-5937;
Fran Krachkowski @ 724-588-3749;
Roseanne McConnell @ 724-588-3254,
Charles Stepp @ 724-588-2127.
If you would like to SELL tickets, please call Frank Yokubeak at 724 588 4688.

Ticket cost is $100. There are 3 weekly winners for $100, $100 & $50.
There are 8 winning numbers drawn at Christmas and Easter week for $500, $250, $125, $75 (2 each prize).
One SPECIAL drawing on October 21 for people that have fully paid for their ticket.
The final drawing is May 30, 2021 with 57 winners for a total cash prize of $13,400. Only 600 tickets sold. Get your ticket early so you do not miss out.


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