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"Why should I sign up?"

Why is my church using this?

Your church cares about you. Because they care about you, they want to communicate more easily and effectively with you (and be able to get your feedback too). Using Flocknote allows your church to easily send you the information you care about most via email and text message, and gives you the ability to give them essential feedback, too!


Am I "in for good" if I sign up?

Nope! The nice thing about this great service from the church is that it's always free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Is my information secure?

Yes. All of your data is transmitted across an encrypted internet connection, and all of your personal information is stored in secure databases. Your information is never (ever!) sold, rented or given away to any third-parties. Find more info at flocknote.com/privacy


What if I don't have texting?

You can still sign up! As long as you have an email address, your church has a unique link on the Internet that you can use to sign up as well. Just enter your name and your email address, and you can still receive all messages sent out by your church.



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